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The late 60’s and early ’70’s were a time of tremendous upheaval in American culture as the hippie generation abandoned the values of their parents, turned to drugs and away from materialism, and went on a search for love and peace. For these young people, “the establishment” which included the church, seemed irrelevant. At times it felt like the very fabric of our nation might tear apart.

It was out of this tumultuous era that young, musical voices began to surface. These newly converted musicians began singing about the new hope they had found through Jesus Christ.

First Love examines the life and music of the people who birthed the sounds of a revolution that swept American culture. It became know as the Jesus Movement. For three historic days, these artists gathered for the first time in a mountain retreat in Southern California and First Love Volumes I & II captures almost 4 hours of each of their incredible live performances and reveals a rare look at the heart and motives of each artist as they describe in intimate detail the drama of their personal transformation.

With performances by [those who influenced me are in bold – editor]:
• Randy Matthews
Barry McGuire
Annie Herring
Chuck Girard
Matthew Ward
• John Fischer
• Andrae Crouch
• Jamie Owens Collins
2nd Chapter of Acts
Terry Clark
Keith Green tribute with Melody Green
Randy Stonehill
• Love Song
• Paul Clark
• Darrell Mansfield
• Honeytree

“We didn’t know very much. We were naive. All we knew was we were blind, now we see. And that was enough.”
– Love Song

First Love – A Historic Gathering Of Jesus Music Pioneers – Long Trailer



(“First Love” video!) Barry McGuire — “When I left the Christies, I left in search of truth. …to be totally free? I found in Christ the fulfillment, the totality, the singularity of truth”