I’ve been praying through much of what comes to mind, myself. Demons drive people to do evil things. Prayer can deal with many of these demons, and God can move many to do what is right instead.

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I totally believe this principle. God gives us visions, dreams and words of knowledge to warn us about what’s coming, in part so we’ll be able to thwart some of these things by what we pray for and even do.

Dana Coverstone has had serious dreams about what is coming soon in America, starting especially in November. Hopefully, some of these things won’t come to pass now, as he saw them in his dreams because so many seriously prayed. And people are getting serious about obeying God too!

13:35 “I think there are things that are not going to happen now because we prayed. … And I think there are things we are now ready for in the next few months that we were not ready for because we prayed.” – Dana Coverstone


Coverstone Gives Tree and Women Dreams for America – 10/14/2020

Pastor Stan interviews Pastor Dana Coverstone in today’s Broadcast. Pastor Dana shares with us two brand new dreams about America and how the Lord is telling His Church to wait on Him for strength. To let Him guide us and build us up because soon we are going to need to run. Run with His word and declare His works.