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The Red Gate Prophecy — What If I Open It Just a Little Bit? The BELIEVERS have OPENED THE GATE TO SIN, which is why this country has deteriorated

This is so true!! My heart leaped when I read this!

Originally from: Revival School (Andrew Strom)

THE RED GATE PROPHECY – Michael Quintana.

I was awakened a few years ago by a disturbing dream I had one morning. The disturbing thing about this dream was that I had no idea where it came from, what it meant, and why I was shown this dream. There was no interpretation given me of what this dream meant which added frustration to my not knowing. The reality, intensity and urgency of this dream left me with many questions that were not immediately answered. The interpretation of this dream was given to me about two years later by God again but this time it was given to me through an extraordinary day vision. This dream had to do with me, California and the country.


It was early 2002 that this disturbing dream came to me while I was asleep one night. I was fast asleep when all of a sudden I woke up in the middle of nowhere in what looked to be the middle of the Central California valley. I recognized the valley because of the mountains east and west of me. I grew up in this Central California valley and I am very familiar with the surroundings. I was not scared but it was odd standing there in the middle of nowhere and not in my bedroom. This may seem odd but I felt wide awake like when I wake up every morning. The only difference was that my senses seemed to be on extra sensitive.

In fact I felt more awake, alert, and alive than when I wake up normally in my bedroom. I woke up into this incredible bright sunny beautiful day with the clearest clean air and a clearest blue sky I ever saw. I was standing on what seemed to be a greener than green oasis. I could clearly see the mountains in front of and behind me. This was just like when I was a child after a rain. I could clearly see the mountains on the east and west side of me. What caught my attention between me on the oasis and the mountains east and west of me were the miles and miles of this rich dark soiled dirt.

I then took notice that I was standing on the north side of this little green grassy oasis which was about two to 4 acres. Right at the edge of this green oasis just north of me was this big brighter than bright red gate. It was just standing on the outer edge of the greener than green oasis.

It was so odd to see this big red gate standing in front of me in the middle of nowhere. Everything looked like it belonged except this red gate. There was no fence or wall attached to this big bright red gate. It was just odd to see it standing there by itself.

I felt happiness and joy to be there in front of this big red gate. All of a sudden, I heard God’s voice out of nowhere. He then gave me very stern instructions. I knew this was God’s voice because I have heard his voice before and I know his voice. He said in a stern voice, “Mike, do not open the red gate”!

I thought, Wow he means it; I can tell by the firmness of his voice. He then said it again a second time but with more firmness than the first time. He said it as if a specific commandment was given to me! “Whatever you do,” He said, “do not open that red gate – no matter what!” I heard him again a third time and I understood him completely and knew that He meant it. He knew that I knew and was not going to tell me again. I then started to think about what He had said and why. As time went by I started to feel very curious as to why God told me not to open that red gate. I mean I had checked it out and there was nothing to it. I started to think about Adam & Eve and how they must have felt like when God told them to not eat of that apple on that tree. I became more and more curious about that red gate and why he did not want me to open it.

I started to do something dangerous. I started to think to myself and say, “Maybe if I just open it a little and take a quick peek and quickly close it won’t hurt anything.” I started to justify as to why I could disobey God’s direct command to me since it was just a little peek. I thought to myself maybe if I do this quickly it won’t be a long disobedience act. I started to justify as to what harm could come from just a quick peek. I thought to myself, “I just have to see what will happen and I have to see what is inside this gate. I can only find out if I open it very quickly.” The more I detained the thought of opening this red gate the more I was tempted… The temptation and curiosity was overwhelming so I decided to open the gate and be a little disobedient.

I stepped up to the gate and put my hand on it. My plan was to slightly open it a little just enough to peek in then very quickly close it as fast as I could. I thought to myself, “Surely he will forgive me for this little tiny small sin after all the big sins I have committed in the past.”

I knew I made one of the greatest mistakes I ever made when I opened that red gate. I slightly opened that gate a little and tried to peek in when all of a sudden all hell broke loose, because right then, this dark, sinful, slimy, smelly, ugly gunk started to ooze out like a flooded river breaking a dam. It had quite a force behind it to where I could not close the gate anymore. It was the most unspeakable looking slime you ever saw. It looked like a sin and death substance that was unbearable to even look at. It started to pour out of this gate with a force behind it that I could not stop.

I started to feel awfully sorry and guilty immediately after I opened the gate because I could not close the gate. I started to feel the heaviest guilt I ever had in my life for opening this gate especially after God had directly warned me not to.

I kept saying to myself, “Why did I do this, why didn’t I obey God?” as I struggled to close the gate. I kept condemning myself as to why I did it, why was I so stupid to open it after being warned by God Himself. The condemnation I felt while trying to close this gate was overwhelming.

This river of smelly sinful gunk was now coming out with a torrent force. I was desperately trying to hold on to the gate so I would not be carried away in the current. The gate was wide open now with a great gushing torrential river forcefully flowing out of it. Its force was so strong that I could not hold on any longer as it broke my grip from the gate. It was now carrying me away in its torrent. I did not go under – it just carried me away on top of the river with half of my body on top of this smelly gunk. There I was helpless as I was being carried away from this red gate. I tried desperately to swim back to close it but it was futile as this torrent river of sinful gunk was too powerful to stop. It continued to carried me away with its great force of overwhelming power.

As this slimy river of death and destruction came in contact with the green grass, flowers, and plants they immediately disintegrated and burned up. It uprooted the fruit trees and palm trees with its powerful force as it carried them away. These trees were disintegrating and burning while being carried away. This sinful looking river of brown dark smelly gunk was destroying everything it came in contact with, even the dirt as it came over it.

I felt so remorseful and had the greatest guilty shameful feeling about what I had done. I felt the burden of bringing death and destruction to this world through my sinful act. I felt like death would have been better as my punishment but I would not die, only suffer for my sinning… This burden was increasing as I was being carried farther away from the red gate by the torrent river. The further I got from the big red gate the heavier the burden felt. I felt like my sin of disobedience had destroyed the world and I felt the burden of it.

Awakened from Dream

It got to where I could not take any more of the burden and guilt so I cried out from the bottom of my heart and all of a sudden I just woke up in my bedroom. I was still feeling the heavy burden and guilt of what I had done in that dream when I woke up in my bedroom. I did not know what to do. I was in shock-like state from what I had just experienced.

Like I said earlier, I felt so disturbed by this dream that I did not want to tell anyone right away. I started to ask God questions right away as to what this dream meant. I asked God if I had brought this kind of destruction into this world by my sinning. I asked if the destruction of this world was coming soon. I asked God If I need to repent of anything or if I was sinning or something that I did not know of. I asked if I needed to tell someone not to sin or if there was someone I needed to tell to bring them out of sin. I asked Him many times as to what this dream meant. But He did not answer. The intensity of this dream was overwhelming and I wanted answers but no answers were given me at that time. God was silent with me about this dream for now… I put this dream away for a few years and forgot about it and tried not to think about it anymore.

But one night the Lord spoke clearly to me while I was almost falling asleep watching TV on the couch. There I was getting heavy eyed when all of a sudden God spoke to me in that clear, intense spiritual voice of His and said “Mike!” I said, “Yes, Lord!” “Do you still want to know about that red gate dream you had back then?” I clearly heard his voice in my spirit mind. I woke up immediately and said excitedly, “Yes Lord.” He then said, “Remember that big red gate dream? I am going to tell you what all that means now.”

My eyes and mind were opened wide and He had my fullest attention. I listened intently as I lay there as He started to explain parts of this dream to me. It was as if I had seen this person open up this big book right in front of me. He then put this book before me and started to unfold to me and show me what that dream meant that I had two years ago… He allowed me to ask questions as to what things meant in that dream. He would then tell me what those things meant… It was so right on in my spirit as He told me what those things meant in that dream… I knew his voice and heard it so clearly in those days as he spoke to me. It seemed to me as if I was stepping into another kingdom or world.


The Dream I had two years ago was being supernatural unfolded to me as I asked him questions of what each thing meant in that dream. He explained it to me something like this below.

1.) I would ask him questions like what that big red gate meant. He said that the big red gate represented the blood of Jesus that washed away the sins of man. This red gate also sealed us in and kept sin out of our lives. He then explained to me that there was only one sacrifice for sin and not continued sacrifices for sin that is why I (or we) can not continue to knowingly sin. Yes, He is faithful and just to forgive you your sins, but you can not and must not continue to knowingly sin, because there is no more sacrifice for your sins.

2.) When I asked him what the green grass, green plants, flowers and fruit trees meant on this oases, He said this was the fruit in my life up until that time, from my time of salvation up until that time there. I was in awe with his answers because it was so easy and simple to understand what this dream meant now.

3.) I asked him what the dark rich soiled dirt meant through out the land that was east and west of me on the oasis I was on. He said the miles of rich dark soiled dirt was soil where he was planning to plant more seeds for future crops. This was going to produce more fruit in my life that was to bear much more fruit.

4.) I asked him what happened when I opened that red gate. He said opening the red gate even after being directly told not to was a disobedient and sinful act. Opening this big red gate was knowingly opening the door to sin after knowing that you should not. No matter how small, quick, and short you may think sin may be, it is still sin and it can and will destroy you. There is no level of sinning that can not destroy you no matter how small you may think it is. Once you knowingly start this way it will over take you and destroy you. You can not stop sin once you allow it to start [once the door to demons is opened, the demons make the sin seem like it’s impossible to stop; however, this demonically driven addictive phase can stop again when the door is totally shut, when we no longer “give the devil a place.” But it has to be cold turkey, 0.00%. – editor] no matter how insignificant you might think it is. There is no compromising with sin big or small.

He then asked me who opened the red gate. I thought the Devil made me do this. I then realized it was all due to me [starting out demon free (gate unopened), not in bondage, where it is much easier to not sin, to resist temptation – editor] and what I wanted. Not even the Devil and all his demons could make me do this. The devil and all the demons in hell could not open the gate either, only I could. I opened the gate and I did not need the Devil’s help or anyone’s help to do this. I did it and would be held responsible for it! He saw that I had understanding on this now. I asked him why I could not close the gate once I opened it. He said once I opened it only God could close it [Because demonic powers can only be removed by a power greater than theirs, which God will do through angels or whatever when we totally repent in a particular area. For example: lust demons drive lust, but not lying. Perhaps the most difficult gate to keep shut is the unforgiveness gate. See: Eph. 4:26-27 (anger, no matter how subtle, give the demons a place, a right) & Mt. 18:34-35 (only forgiving everyone from the heart brings total freedom from the ‘tormentors’) – editor] . The Devil can not open the door to sin for you to sin; God will not open the door to sin for you to sin; only you can open the door to willfully sin. Knowingly sinning after knowing that you should not is a great danger or risk of losing your eternal soul [Heb. 10:26-39 – editor]. When you knowingly sin you open the door to Satan to come in and cause havoc in your life.

(This is not the only thing I felt after opening the gate. The guilt, shame, remorse and condemnation of sinning was unbearable as I was being carried away. I felt I would have been better off dying a thousand deaths but I could not die and it was too late to repent. I could only suffer the heavy burden of sinning which seemed to be worse than dying at that time… If we do not repent now while we still can, and if we do not turn away from our sins while we are still alive, that day will be worse than anyone could ever imagine on Judgment day.)

5.) I asked him about the torrent river of sinful dark substance that flooded out from opening the red gate. I asked him why the torrent forceful river was destroying everything it came in contact with. He said when I opened the red gate door I opened the door to sin. Sin will start small at first but Torrent Rivers and floods will follow afterwards to where you can not stop it. This is why this river of sin was destroying everything because knowingly opening the gate to a little sin will force the gate open to a lot of sin.

Sin not only destroys the sinner’s life but also affects the lives of others. This river of sin destroyed everything I had built up to that time. It even destroyed my future by destroying the dark rich soil that was ready for planting. Everything that was going to be built through me in the future was destroyed. Sin comes to kill, steal, and destroy a person’s life but only if they open the door to sin.

The blood of Jesus has set a gate or door that sets us apart from sin, death, and destruction, and only we can open the door for sin to enter back in our lives. We truly choose life or death, curses or blessings in this life.

We must go to God and repent and ask him to forgive us and he will forgive us because he is always faithful to forgive us. We must then turn away from these sins and sin no more. We must purposely plan in our hearts not to knowingly sin anymoreI knew somehow that this torrent river was going to hell with me in it.


I calmed down some more many weeks after the vision but the sensitivity with the spirit still continued for some time after. I remember asking him one time what this dream had to do with California and why was I having this dream in the middle of California. These thoughts came to me that said “As it is for an individual, so it is for this state and country. As it was for you in the dream so it is for the Christians in California.” He said that the believers in California, not the non-believers, have opened the gate to sin, which is why this state and country have deteriorated over the last twenty years or so. California was once the golden state that spread revivals throughout the state and country and had great works and much fruitfulness. This state alone blessed the country and the world. It was blessed with wealth and greatness to the point where the whole world recognized God’s blessings on California. Since we believers have opened the gate to sin in California, it is the worst of all the States in the Nation with LA on the south and San Francisco north of us. These two cities alone have polluted the state, country and world with sin coming out of them. LA alone has spread porn and filth through the media throughout the state, country and world. San Francisco has homosexuals spreading their lifestyle throughout the state, country and world and now putting Christians in the closet. We have Indian gambling casinos that stretch across the state of California with Christians participating in these as well. Christians are participating and joining in these sinful acts by partaking in these sinful lifestyles and so opening the door to sin that came from these cities. These cities and the state have affected and infected the church people to sin instead of the church people affecting them to righteousness.

God showed me a wide imaginary gate stretched from LA to San Francisco that was opened due to the multiple sins of the masses of believers. This was not due to the non-believers, but due to the believers that this gate of destruction was opened. This open gate in California was pouring rivers of sin, death, and destruction throughout the country and world just like I did in my dream. We believers in California have opened this gate that is allowing rivers of death and destruction to flow through us and into the rest of the country and world. We believers have the keys and answer to all the death and destruction that is coming to California and flowing out of California which is due to her sins. We can not close this gate by ourselves (we must humble ourselves) just like I could not close the gate in the dream I had. We need God to do this just as I needed God to do this in my dream above. God will only do this if we repent of our sins as a people, and we must turn away from our knowingly sinning and sin no more! Only God and God alone can close this gate. Only He can stop the death and destruction that will come to us in California if we do not repent from our hearts.

It is not because of Him or the devil that this is happening. It is because of us and our sins as a whole body that this is happening. Repentance is required now before it is too late. Repentance is the only thing that can save believers in California from the death and destruction that will come to California if we don’t change now and humble ourselves and repent. Government, politicians, pastors, and churches can not save us. Only Jesus can save us through our earnest repentance of sin and turning back to him in truth and righteousness. Only this will save us. It’s never too late to repent because as long as there is breath in mouths and life in our bodies we can repent and be made right with God. Once we die it is too late to repent!

Re 2:5 Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.

1 Peter 1:16 Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

1 Corinthians 3:17 If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

Re 2:21 And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not.

Romans 12:1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.


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    God will only do this if we repent of our sins as a people, and we must turn away from our knowingly sinning and sin no more! …. yea&amen!

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