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Russell Earl Kelly, Ph.D.: Tithing is Not a Christian Doctrine — "Tithing, today, is reaching the levels of a modern scandal"

“Tithing, today, is reaching the levels,
I believe, of a modern scandal.”

– Russell Earl Kelly, Ph.D.

* * *

This is a slam-dunk, you all. Praise God!

And bless you, Russell Kelly!!!

May we be obedient and get it right — finally.


I wrote the above right after I first saw Russell’s video. I was so excited because in this one presentation, Russell Kelly completely demolishes this “love of money” doctrine that is keeping so many from being led by the Holy Spirit.

Tithing is a big part of what is keeping the church from being alive truly in Christ!
And here, Russell shows us that the old covenant believers mostly didn’t even give 10% of their money to the Levitical priesthood.

What we’ve been taught about tithing is a falsehood. It’s a doctrine of demons that is “the love of money” driven.

Russell doesn’t talk about some of my conclusions [The Day that Tithing Ended — To Now Be Led By the Holy Spirit], but he totally proves that tithing is a false doctrine that should never be mentioned again as even some kind of a benchmark.
We’re supposed to be led by the Holy Spirit now, determining in our hearts what to give, according to Paul.

Russell’s entire book, Should the Church Teach Tithing? A Theologian’s Conclusions about a Taboo Doctrine, can be downloaded for free as a pdf HERE.

May we be ONE in Christ — not led by the law; though, tithing wasn’t really even practiced the way tithing teachers teach it.

Jeff : )

Tithing is Not a Christian Doctrine

Uploaded by on Apr 26, 2011

A 2 hour video of the 19 point essay “Tithing is Not a Christian Doctrine” The video is showing me, Russell Earl Kelly, Ph. D. with no material displayed. Every statement has something important and challenging. Novice editing makes it choppy in a few places. It is far from perfect but well worth the view.

Friends, I am not opposed to financially supporting churches and the advancement of God’s kingdom. However I am opposed to supporting churches using the false doctrine of NT tithing instead of better New Covenant freewill offering principles.

You can get this video on DVD from my website:

There you can also find the book:
Tithing: Should the Church teach tithing? – A Theologian’s Conclusions about a Taboo Doctrine

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you,
Russell Earl Kelly, Ph. D.

Russell Earl Kelly, Ph. D.
Auther: Russell Earl Kelly, Ph. D.

From: About the Author

Although legally blind since 1989, Russell subsequently completed a Th. M.. and a Ph. D. at independent Baptist-oriented Covington Theological Seminary in Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia in August 2000. His dissertation was on the subject of tithing. From that dissertation came his first book, Should the Church Teach Tithing? A Theologian’s Conclusions about a Taboo Doctrine.

Russell lists all 19 points here (scroll down for article)
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  1. Russel is fighting against the devil and the doctrines of men. The clear call of the New Testament giver is to give to the poor, to build treasure in heaven. This is a salvation level issue. Jesus rejected those who failed to give to the poor and hungry. Today’s fallen churches rely on the extortion of God’s Flock. See God’s Church Or Man’s Substitute:
    I pray you can seek the Lord in this. Such an obvious truth can no longer be hidden from those truly seeking God and Seeking Jesus, The Way, The Truth, and The Light!
    God Bless

  2. Jeff Fenske

    What you say reminds me of what Irenaeus said in “Against Heresies,” chapter XIII.3, written about 180 AD.

    And for this reason did the Lord, instead of that [commandment], “Thou shalt not commit adultery,” forbid even concupiscence [lust]; and instead of that which runs thus, “Thou shalt not kill,” He prohibited anger; and instead of the law enjoining the giving of tithes, [He told us] to share all our possessions with the poor; and not to love our neighbours only, but even our enemies; and not merely to be liberal givers and bestowers, but even that we should present a gratuitous gift to those who take away our goods.

    I’ve considered this quote very interesting because Irenaeus refers to the clear distinctions that Jesus made between the Old and New Covenants, indicating that tithing has clearly been superseded, now that we have the Holy Spirit in us to help us decide what to do with our money.
    But regarding how church leaders should now be funded: Paul decided to support himself. But there is some precedent in the New Testament for truly Biblically qualified [few really are today. See Tit. 1 with Gal. 5:22-23] and truly called-by-God-to-be leaders to be supported by believers in some cases. So they can totally devote their time to ministering and to prayer, for example.
    Each person in the congregation should determine in their hearts, being led by the Holy Spirit as to how much to give—or even if to give.
    The 10% figure shouldn’t even be mentioned as being a factor at all. “This is sin” to teach that this part of the old covenant law is still in effect.
    And this is one of the main reasons why churches are mostly spiritually dead. The money comes in no matter what, and the people aren’t being taught to be led by the Holy Spirit, by what seems right in their hearts—as Paul taught. And according to Paul, being led by the Holy Spirit is a requirement to truly be a child of God:

    Rom. 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. …
    Rom. 8:4 that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.
    Rom. 8:5 For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.
    Rom. 8:6 For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. …
    Rom. 8:12 Therefore, brethren, we are debtors—not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh.
    Rom. 8:13 For if you live according to the flesh you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.
    Rom. 8:14 For as many as are *led by the Spirit of God*, these are *sons* of God.

    Jeff Fenske

  3. Robby

    lol you seem pretty exited about keeping more money!
    I believe tithing is still a command and still relevant

  4. Jeff Fenske

    You have a right to believe and do whatever, but is it biblical? The goal is to be led by the Holy Spirit, building living churches with Christ as Head.
    Tithing (old covenant law that Paul warned us about) is a death warrant for most churches. Sure, the doors may still be open, but where is God? Show me one living church—just one in America.
    We must be led by the Spirit, then churches will live.
    Pastors, everywhere, should repent for teaching the old covenant law to the people who trust them to teach truth that will give them life. Teaching tithing sets people and churches up for a fall.
    I was taught in Bible school: “It’s better to fall on the Rock than for the Rock to fall on you.”
    There’s nothing fun about this. This is a TRAGEDY! Tithing is one of the doctrines that has killed the church.
    There is a better way.

  5. Crystal L Whitfield

    I’ve been taught about GOD all of my life and I’m learning more about him now than I ever have. I was always taught to tithe. I’m amazed at how much I’m learning now that I’ve stopped attending physical church buildings and lisening to one person but, conducting research on my own.

  6. Jeff Fenske

    This is beautiful, but is also sad. For the church is supposed to be a place of truth and life. And this will be the place when Jesus is truly head of His church.
    It is my opinion that most churches in America have become brain washing, mind-controlling institutions that are designed to keep people believing in the church’s doctrines, which too often includes tithing.
    Seminaries are also designed primarily to keep the particular doctrines they believe in perpetuated. Theology classes and the textbooks are almost all biased. Investigative thought that could find error in their teachings is discouraged through many means, including what I call James-3 curses, for James discusses this phenomenon in chapter 3 of his text.
    And this is one of the reasons I have categories in this site, as well as ToBeFree on people cursing people. Here it’s called “‘Christians’ Cursing People.” I put ‘Christians’ in quotes, because a person can’t be a going to heaven Christian when they control their brother through prayers that Satan answers, not God.
    I think most ‘Christians’ in most USA ‘churches’ are under a kind of a spell. And in those ‘churches’ that teach tithing, the spell may even be stronger. Because people pray (James-3 curse) that the people in the ‘church’ would believe this doctrine without question.
    Some ‘pastors’ even get angry when one questions this doctrine, which should be a sign that something is terribly wrong. And they can get really angry at those who could influence others to doubt this doctrine as being a false, doctrine of demons.
    Churches that will do well in the last days will have leadership that are submitted to the Head, Christ Jesus. They won’t be pushing their agendas. They’ll be resting in God, Who will lead His church into unity: ‘ONE’ with each other and ‘ONE’ in Him.
    Blessings to all of you who have made it out of the matrix and are finding out what is really going on, how we can become ONE in Him.
    Free! And this can happen in large churches as well as small. Some think that size is the problem. I think it’s doctrine. And that size can be a good thing when the people are in God, not just following a man.
    I believe I’m supposed to add: for those who believe they’ve been manipulated to accept doctrines of demons through mind-control prayers (curses), please remember to bless and not curse back. And pray FOR them. So we aren’t part of the dysfunctionality.
    We can break the cycle and be free!
    Jeff Fenske : )

  7. My oh my oh my I can die in peace now. My own pastor said satan speaks through me for bringing up this tithe issue. I may not be good at it but let our actions speak louder than our words, Can we start digging up in Spirit $ Truth the remnant yokes of the law ( Sabbath, holy days, etc) that are bonds around the necks of our Brothers and sisters world wide. Who depend on those pastors for bread and wine of our Lord Jesus Christ) Pastors who deliberately or ignorantly mislead our Brothers and Sisters. Can we stand with Russell and expose those yokes Brethren.
    I propose we spread the Word of God by all media possible. It is our cross to bear. Thank you.
    A few can start the revival of Truth in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
    Interested? how do we start? any suggestions people of God?.

  8. Jeff Fenske

    Dear ‘Love,’
    I’m so happy that this encouraged you so! This is a very noble venture. When Pastors teach old covenant tithing, they can almost guarantee they’ll have a dead church, because it’s teaching against being led by the Spirit and determining in our hearts what to give.
    When your pastor says these kind of things to you it’s almost certainly a demon inside of him compelling him to do this.
    You may be interested in my ‘Christians Cursing People’ posts, because you’re probably getting James-3 cursed big-time for standing up for truth and light! Also, I have 9 other posts on Tithing or the Holy Spirit. These can be accessed in the Categories pull-down menu, top, right.
    I had a dream almost 20 years ago that people wouldn’t listen to me about tithing unless I wrote a book about it. The prophesy for the book is complete, but I haven’t written the commentary. This is what God specifically says about tithing: Tithing or the Carriage Driver?
    It’s a touchy subject, because pastors and their wives see this as attacking them, when it’s in reality JUST THE OPPOSITE! They struggle for finances because their churches are dead, because they won’t let God lead, correcting their false doctrines that are actually leading people into hell. See: Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way
    I just looked up at Google, and have now noticed for the first time that this post is the first hit. It had been #2. No one can refute this. I’m even thinking of offering a monetary reward to anyone who can refute it — because no one can. But also hardly any pastor in America is teaching this. If they just taught the truth about who goes to heaven and repented for teaching tithing, this may be enough to bring in the revival.
    God told me: ~”there is might and there is power but it is being withheld until these relationships are made right.”
    God is just waiting to show up big-time to the first group of believers who get it right. And do you think they’re going to have money problems when God shows up and everybody everywhere wants to attend their services to see what is going on?
    It’s important for us to forgive all of these people from our entire hearts who hate us for speaking about the problem and the cure. And it’s crucial that we pray for them in the Spirit.
    Do you pray in tongues? I plan to write a series on this very soon: A Gift that Will Set Many Free! (A Death Warrant is Out for Your Souls) Most pastors are so demon led (partly because hardly anyone is praying in tongues and forgiving others is so rare) that only if we pray can they comprehend the truth.
    As far as what we can specifically do besides this. I do what I’m compelled to do, what just seems natural to do. If I attend ‘church,’ I’ve learned to step lightly. I’ve said too much before. Though we’re losing our country on the fast track, it does no good for me to step out of line. We’re going to eat the fruit of rebellious pastors now. There is no doubt that they have led the world astray. Many will step down. Many already have.
    It’s important for those whom God has chosen to lead to be the leaders. It should be a team (Eph. 4:11+). And unity and ONE should be the goal. Most pastors have pathetically sickening minuscule goals that are far from being biblical. Let Us Be ONE is Jesus heart-cry: His heart is saddened by what is going on.
    Wherever we can be salt and light and not be darkness ourselves (by forcefully taking matters into our own hands), I would say this would be a God-thing to do. And God can tell us specific things….
    But He often also leads us through others. If you or anyone else has any suggestions for something I can do, I’m all ears too.
    God bless you for your noble endeavor, and may we be ONE!!!!!!!
    Jeff Fenske : )

  9. I oppose tithing on the basis of scripture alone. When taken in clear context, every scripture points against the Church paying tithes. Could you imagine the smell and clean up duty for all of the cows and sheep? Even well-meaning Pastors with no desire to fleece the flock cannot come up with BIBLICAL reasons for justifying 10%. I have a problem with someone who says they are called to lead a church, but cannot justify what they believe or do not believe with scripture.

  10. Crystal

    Thanks for this information Fred. I’ve learned so much since leaving the religious system to follow the TRUTH.

  11. Jun Manuel

    I would like to order the book and DVD, how can I purchase it,

  12. Crystal

    Actually, I just got finished reading a book entitled “THE TITHE THAT BINDS” by RORY O MOORE. And the book is FREE. I can tell you where to get it from if you email me at:

  13. Crystal

    Go to and go tot he left to click on books.

  14. My book and DVD are also free to download. Thanks for the article.

    • Jeff Fenske

      Thank you for doing an outstanding job in debunking this myth, which is so much a “love of money” issue for especially pastors and for the people who have been taught this falsehood.
      I have now put up a link to where your book can be downloaded. I don’t see where a DVD can be downloaded, though.
      Thank you, Russell Kelly!
      Jeff Fenske
      Anchorage, Alaska

  15. You have a free DVD? Where is it and how can I get it?

  16. I am not a computer geek. By “free” I thought they could be copied off You Tube and Video.Google. I see and ship the video for $10.00. See my web site.

  17. Anonymous

    may the God of the scriptures bless you according to his word. May you harvest the fruits of your labor in due time. He who sows abundantly, reaps abundantly.

  18. Robert Munyui Kamunyu

    Tithing was under and is under the law with a curse for Christians seeking salvation under the law, Galatians 3:3-13, Malachi 3:1-18. When pastors and priest quote Malachi 3:1-18, under the law IN OLD COVENANT , how many Christians line up to be served with food when tithes and offering under the law are given? Is the storehouse pastors’ and priests’ house or the Church? Saved Christians by grace IN NEW COVENANT , lead by the Holy Spirit are ministers of the new testament born of love with exceeding glory which surpassed the glory that was in law in Moses and we have been redeemed from the curse of the law to adoptions of sons and are not under the law, Galatians 5:1, Galatians4:4-5,2 Corinthians 3:1-18 . Salvation under the law one attains it at last breath on earth having done all that pertains to the law which is hard for one to accomplish. Even the tithe which was given by Abraham was under the law of sin and death from the fall of Adam and Eve. Those who cheat would like to deceive Christians that tithe was before the law but before which law. When Christ was born He was given gifts and not tithes Mathew 2:11-12. Salvation under spiritual law of love by grace is freely given and attained, Ephesians 2:4 -9, Ephesians 2:13 -20. Under Leviticus priesthood tithes were given for the tribe of Levi and tithe of tithe to the high Priest for they shared no land apart from the walled towns they were allocated to stay in for their continuous sacrifice to God, Numbers 18:20 -29.Widows, strangers ,fatherless and orphans benefited from tithes and offerings given to Levites, Deuteronomy 14:22-29. In Christianity widows were asked to be catered by close brethren to ease burden to the Church. There were also tithes of different kinds in Israel. There was also a tithe where a family had to eat all before the Lord, Deutreronomy12:6-7. In Christ Jesus we are saved by grace to adoptions of sons and not by works of law ,Galatians 3:8-13,Acts13: 38-39, Galatians 4: 4-5, Galatians2:16-21, Galatians 5:18. In NEW TESTAMENT two priesthood are compared Hebrew7: 7-28, Hebrew8:6 -13, Hebrew 9:6-9, Hebrew 10:8-23. Leviticus priesthood under the law with tithes, death, discontinuity and its acceptance under glory of law done away in Christ and the holy priesthood of Christ without tithes, death and discontinuity with exceeding glory under which Christians are in salvation being a Holy nation and loyal Priests to preach to the world GOD being their Father in new covenant ministry, 2 Corinthians2:1-13, 2Peter 2:5-9. Christ is from the tribe of Juda without priesthood and he never sent the Levites Priests to preach to the world. Christ is the end of the law of sin and death which was against us having crucified it on the cross of Calvary Roman 10:1-4, Roman8:1-2,Roman 6:13-14 . Christ came to accomplish all the requirements of the law and became the Lord of the law for our redemption from the law. Beside the death of the two sinners, in CHRIST JESUS accomplished two deaths . Christ crucified on the Cross the law of sin and death which was against us. Christ then removed the first covenant and established the better Second Covenant mediated BY Him upon established better promises for us. All Apostles of Christ never asked for tithes. Even Judas never asked for tithes. Christ Himself never asked for tithes. In new testament comments are made on tithing under law which some want to use to justify tithing. Our Christian faith is founded on foundation of apostles, prophets ,JESUS CHRIST Himself being the Apostle and Corner Stone of our faith,Hebrew3:1. Leviticus priesthood under the law is totally left out. In the same Spirit Paul referred law as was our and not law is our school master. To justify oneself us paying tithes under the law one has to give tithes to all saved Christians in the Church for we are loyal priests in Christ Jesus presenting our bodies as living sacrifice. But God does not have pleasure for Sacrifice and offering and burnt offerings for sin neither had pleasure therein, which are offered under the law. Hebrew10:8. Pastors and priests have done away with offering ,sacrifices and burnt offerings for sins under the law and have been left comfortably with offering offered under law cunningly concealed in good words and fair deceptive eloquent speeches. Romans 16:17-19 A fountain cannot produce sweet and bitter water the same time. James 3:8-18. We Christian are saved by GRACE IN CHRIST LOVE(Spiritual Law) for we cannot be subjected to law of sin and death crucified and done away by Christ on cross of Calvary. We are subjected to spiritual law of life in Christ Jesus and ought to have the spiritual understanding of the Word of God in liberty without corrupting the Word of God. Roman 8:1-2, Colossians 1:9-10. As God has blessed us in common inheritance of the saints, we should give sacrificially as we have purposed in our hearts in liberty and in love, Galatians 5:1, 2Corinthians 9;6-7, Galatians 6:6-7, Hebrew6:6-12,Hebrew13:11-16. Christ taught spiritual giving to God and to our parents, Luke 6:8 ,Matthew15:5-9. Paul also taught the same .2Corinthians 9:6-14, Philippians 2:4-5. Aaron was given unto Moses, the Levite tribe was given unto Aaron, the eleven tribes of Israel were given unto Levite tribe to serve them but we Christians are purchased through the blood of Christ we are no man servants but servants of Christ 1Corinthians 7:21-2 , Numbers 3:9-15. Those under the law are under curse and the law kills 2Corinthians 3:6. Are they telling Christians curses under law are blessings for them or they have powers to remove curses when Christians tithe to them? They have directed Christians to deceptive ways of curses for their own benefits and not blessings. The bounty of terror of deceptive covetousness is professionally tactically presented as blessing based on salvation under yard stick of tithes. Apostles of CHRIST did not use concealed deceptive covetousness to preach the gospel 1Thessalonians2:3-6.We should renounce hidden things of dishonesty and not walk craftily handling the Word of God deceitfully 2Corithians 4:1-2. The body of CHRIST has been subjected to doctrinal mess by Levites priests and pastors. In willful deception by calling themselves the Levites of today who persecuted Christians and plunder Christians pockets today they are able to demand to be given tithes. Levites priests and elders never gave a helping hand to Christians. Christ did not leave His Church under Leviticus Priesthood. When we take the Word of God out of its content and contest ,we have contempt for the Word of God. He (GOD)who brought tithing under the old Covenant took it away in His(CHRIST) rights in the new Covenant.
    We can preach the Word of God quoting scriptures like the devil when he tested Jesus or quote the scriptures like CHRIST when He answered satan in time of need. Matthew 4:1-11 We can teach doctrine of men instead of doctrines of God. We can have a zeal of faith and establish our own righteousness not according righteousness of God in the knowledge of his Word. Roman 10:1-4. Pastors and priests calling themselves Levites of today have capitalized on low level Christian doctrinal knowledge teachings among Christians. Tithing contradict the doctrine of salvation. Mathew15:5-9. We can preach the Word of God making the Church a house of merchandise to make merchandise of Christians and those who do so whose God is their belly which made Adam and Eve to fail in their relationship with God .If the trade was not profitable to them then it would have come to an end but it is a lucrative profitable business based on arithmetic of numbers cunningly preserved with tactical appreciations to the body of Christ and spreading of the Gospel. Are elect Christians deceived out of their wits? Romans 16:17 -19 ,2 Peter 2:1-3, John 2:16, Philppians3:17-19. We can preach Christ out of envy, strife or of good will. Philippians 1:15-17,2Corinthians4:1-2. It is the body of Christ the Church which is sent to preach to the world also as individuals brethren bearing the burden to preach to the world as Apostles of Christ did. The responsibility has not been on shoulders of priests and pastors only. Brethren are the loyal priests and ambassadors of Christ and has committed unto us the word of reconciliation, 2 Corinthians :19-20. THERE WERE NO FENCE SITTINGS AND ARE NO FENCE SITTINGS IN THE NEW COVENANT MINISTRY MEDIATED BY OUR APOSTLE AND THE HIGH PRIEST OF OUR FAITH LORD JESUS CHRIST. Apostles labored with their hand to provide for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We saved Christians are the Loyal Priests AND Ambassadors of Christ.2 Peter 2:1-9, 2 Corinthians5:14-20.
    Tithing is a hard topic to teach without spiritual understanding since we have many high profile elite preachers teaching on the same with books written of great hoped promises and condemnation on the same for those who do not tithe, Ephesians 5:6-7, Thessalonians 2:3-4. Some well educated Christians in deceptive manner do teaching on tithes which is warmly appreciated from the pulpit. They become the magnetizing force with alluring great hoped blessed promises of wealth .Pharisees and the Scribes were most well educated and Jesus said woe unto them seven times for being stumbling blocks in faith. Mathew 23:9-39. We only need to rightly divide the Word of God and know whether we are Christians seeking salvation under the law or we are Christians saved by grace in Christ through the Spiritual law of love, Corinthians 1:12-16,2 Timothy 2:15 . We redeemed sons of God who are made Kings and priests unto God have a common inheritance in Christ Jesus, Galatians 4:4-5, Colssians1:9-14 ,1Corinthians 2:12-16. Revelation 1;4-6 . We are called spiritual sons of God after salvation not before in fallen state and who are enabled to do the righteousness that was in the law but we are not under the law. The same priests and pastors wreck the spiritual scriptures when they teach fallen Angles are called sons of God who married daughters of men giving offspring of giants , Genesis 6:1-8. God says he has never called any angles his son, Hebrew 1:4-5.When were fallen angles redeemed and sanctified to be called sons? The ownership of increased daughters is unto men before being referred to as sons of God and the lust to polygamous marriage was with men. Are beautiful daughters born today for men? Shall we have another episode of fallen angles marrying daughters of men before the close of age? Many have taught the Word of God outside Biblical doctrines so many are deceived in their teaching and preaching which condemn God as unjust since no judgment is passed to angles they refer to as sons of God. When men dropped further from grace when they practiced polygamous marriage and their life span was reduced to one hundred and twenty years , no judgment is passed to purposed angles they teach us sons of God. The sons of God were men who had done reconciliation to God the same way Abel had done and was accepted by God. The judgment is specifically to mankind and giants born in sin of polygamous marriage do not qualify the sons of God to be angles. Angles are ministering spirits with no reproductive empowerment, Matthew 22:29-32, Hebrew 1:14-14. Our relationship to God our Father is in love in our loyal priesthood to the world. Roman 8:14-17. Only those who are not sincere mix teaching under carnal law and spiritual teaching enlightenment under spiritual law . The devil uses the nobles, evil and false witness to do his will according to circumstances, Acts 13;50-51 Acts 6: 9-14. Christians must remain wise and not be cheated by devils workers transforming themselves as angles of light which corrupt the Word of God, 2Corinthians2:17, 2Corinthians11: 13-15. Levites Pastor, Priests and some Christians misquote Jesus Christ on judgment. Judge not that you may be not judged . Matthew7:1-5. They say God prohibit judgment which is not true since it is based on taking the scripture out of content and contest on understanding Jesus statement. It has given them a highway of teaching lies without being questioned. They have separated themselves from the body of Christ to ideal entity who cannot be censured. Shall you close your eyes to evils committed that they may not judge you. Do you buy yourself freedom from being judged for not condemning evil or commenting on anything positive or negative. The preaching of the Word of God is based on judgment on sins and righteousness . God requires from us righteous judgment in wisdom and in love which condemn sins which leads man to repentant of sins and redemption. The Word of God in its content and contest states judgment on sins and righteousness. All living beings and organic life are in constant judgment for existent. If we can stop all processes of judgments life will come to a standstill and ultimate death with final judgment of decay. Life and all creation were established in good judgment by God and close of age shall end in judgment to eternal life or eternal death which is eternal life of suffering and separation from God. Genesis 1:1-31, Genesis 2:1-25. Even our bodies judge us out of energy and we hunger for food and thirst for water. All witty discoveries are results of acknowledgment of positive judgments on active well coordinated principals. Christians are encouraged to solve cases in judgment among themselves. 1Corinthians 6:1-7,The Bible encourage us that our love may abound yet more in knowledge and in all Judgment and we judge ourselves dead in Christ, 2 Corinthians5:14 ,Philippians 1:9-12. Life is in active constant judgments and the creation mourns for final judgment which it shall be subjected by God. We relate in evaluation to all things in judgment. What we known and do not know is based on judgment. What we believe right or wrong is based on judgment. Irrespective of any judgment delivered on us we should delivers the Heavenly Kingdom judgment to sins . We saved Christians are counted and judged worthy to suffer tribulations together with Christ when we live Christian life in love ,Revelation Chapter1,2 and3. We thus judge ourselves dead in Christ.
    There are may be those who preach tithing to saved Christians for lack of spiritual understanding. We should girdle up the loins of our minds as the knowledgeable wise sharers of the Word of God . 1Peter :13-15.Roman 10:1-4. We shall not be cornered and be cheated. God bless us in abundant grace of spiritual revelation and spiritual understanding of His Holy Word, Colssians1:9-14, Ephesians 5:6 -7,1Thessalonians 2:3-6, 2Timothy2:15, 2Timothy 2:24-26 . Amen
    I am happy and blessed to interact with you on spiritual teachings. Hope we shall search more scriptures for our spiritual growth . Yearning to receive your input on the topic .God bless you.
    The message is freely given
    purely to the body of JESUS CHRIST worldwide.
    By Br. Robert Munyui Kamunyu

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